Wait for This Animation Movies!

Are you a lovers of animated films? Then you would definitely not want to miss the following films. You can watch it by visiting the cinema, or while relaxing at home by Watch Online Movie on 123moviesgo.ga. Here’s the list:

– Smurfs: The Lost Village
Smurfette smurf met with others outside of the village. With it, there is a smurf out there, beside them. Finally, they take to the roads out of the village to find the hidden village. Their adventures back stymied by Gargamel who also want to find the hidden village before smurf find it. The film will air in April 2017 in addition to exciting too funny, you know!

– The Cars 3
Tells the story of Lightning McQueen who was forced out of the racing world that he loved. To get back into a race, he needs help Cruz Ramirez is a very vibrant young technician. Lightning was a plan to get him back to win with the help of Cruz and Hudson Hornet. Some people argue that the trailer Cars 3 is too serious and creepy for small children. Pixar serves Lighting Mc Queen who suffered a fatal accident in his races. However, this time 3 Cars will be different from previous films for the animated Cars will look more mature and real.

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