2 Easy Ways To Practice Facial Expressions In Acting

So that your mimic can be trained properly when plays for amateur dramatic groups, you can do facial exercises every day. The trick is to move all your facial muscles until they feel sore.

This can help you flex your facial muscles so that they are easily shaped to display certain expressions. Good intonation can also make the audience unsaturated and the game becomes more lively.

Intonation processing can be done by increasing the volume of the voice, lowering the frequency of the tone of voice, adjusting the tempo of the pronunciation, adjusting and processing the color and texture of the sound.

Sensitivity to taste, the intelligence of mind and insight, strength and flexibility of the body, as well as the ability to express the dialogue of the script that will be delivered must be possessed by an actor.
Then, how to train it?

1. Vocal Technique
To master a good vocal technique requires diligent, continuous, and long-term practice. There are several kinds of vocal exercises, namely:

a) Breathing exercises
This breathing exercise is useful for:
• Maintain stamina.
• Able to voice long dialogues without being disturbed by their breath.
• Breathing techniques can be used to color certain characters.

b. Pronunciation practice
• This exercise is useful for creating a clear articulation of each character.
• Practice enriches the possibilities (variations) and intonation.
• Practice loud and clear.
• Movement exercises.

2. Motion Technique
Motion in drama as a whole is called acting. Acting serves to express the character, inner situation, emotion, and the creation of a stage situation.

Movement or acting techniques can be divided into 4 types, namely mimic, gesture, movement, and business.
• Mimics are facial changes (eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, forehead, and mouth).
• Gestures are hand movements, changes in body position, and gestures. Gestures are very effective for expressing or expressing emotions, ideas, and situations.
• Movement is an exchange of positions on the stage, to create motivation and organize blocking.
• Business is a special activity, such as sweeping or sewing.

Movement exercises can be divided into 2 types, namely body elasticity exercises that can make the body elastic so that it can be ordered as desired.

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